the air below

seoul : minneapolis

Independent Rock Band 


Feb 7, 2019 // Shimokitazawa Three // Tokyo, Japan
Feb 8, 2019 // Koiwa Bush Bash // Tokyo, Japan
Feb 9, 2019 // Hatagaya Studio //Tokyo, Japan
Feb 15, 2019 // Senggi Studio // Seoul, Korea
Feb 16, 2019 // HQ Gwangan // Busan, Korea
Feb 17, 2019 // Strange Fruit // Seoul, Korea

From the Land of the Morning Calm (South Korea) and the home of Husker Du, Prince and to a lesser extent, Morris Day and the Time (Minneapolis, USA), comes a band born in the 1990s and realized in the now.

John Lee and Dave West played in San Diego‚Äôs aMiniature in the mid 1990s and then went their separate ways for 15 years. John toiled in corporate America and Dave continued playing drums and eventually became an entrepreneur, running several businesses. 

They were adults now.


John moved to Seoul South Korea, to get lost in the birthplace of his parents and began writing music again after many years.


John and Dave decided to work together again after several aMiniature reunion concerts in the U.S. Noise was needed in their lives again.

The sound of The Air Below is these two guys with bassist Howon Lee and multi-instrumentalist Jaejin Shin, kicking and screaming loudly into the midlife. 

The EP

Five songs regarding the heady spell of secrecy, dysfunctional pheromones and giving up the ghost. These sonic odes to how we exist under the weight of gravity are delivered with stabbing guitars, a nimble rhythm section and a voice that floats on top of the melodies, already on its journey to the 4ever.